CliQ Photo Papers - Matte - 7.6mil - 13 x19 (50 Sheets)

CliQ Photo Papers - Matte - 7.6mil - 13 x19 (50 Sheets)

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Product Brief:
CLiQ Photo Papers Matte is a Matte Coated Premium Paper of 7.6 mil Thickness, top-coated with an ink-receptive layer. It is ideal for printing high-quality color designs and text prints.

Product Applications:

  • Artworks: Designs, Mock-ups, Check Prints, Fine Art Imaging
  • Business Graphics: Reports, Presentations, Office Signage; Colour Proofs
  • Promotional Material: Posters, Brochures, Catalogues, POP's
  • Custom Applications: Invitation Cards, Greeting Cards, Bookmarks, ID-Cards, Menu cards and lots more….!

Product Features:

  • Special inkjet coating for sharper text and brighter colors
  • White matte surface for high color contrast
  • High opacity for limited see-through
  • Fast dry for ease of handling
  • Compatible with most color inkjet printers


  • Base: Paper
  • Total Thickness: 170 gsm
  • Surface Finish: White Matte
  • Printing side: One Side - The bright, white side
  • Packing: 50 sheet packs

Recommended Printer Settings:

Printer Media Setting Print Quality
Canon Matte Photo Paper High
Epson Stylus Photo Matte Paper - Heavy weight Best Photo
HP Photosmart HP Premium Plus Photo Paper Best
Lexmark Coated Paper Automatic

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