Graffiti Polyester Paper is made from prime grade polyester for protecting your print well beyond what regular papers can provide. These durable synthetic papers are scuff-free, waterproof, tear-resistant, anti-static, and offer excellent alcohol and stain resistance.

Graffiti Polyester Paper is perfect for hardworking applications that require durability at an affordable price point.

Topcoat is designed to help toner anchor to the surface while reproducing vivid color. This topcoat also helps Graffiti Polyester Paper to be printed with any dry toner digital press and has indigo certification for wet toner inks. And that’s not all, Graffiti Polyester Paper is compatible with offset/litho presses.

Graffiti Polyester Paper's technically superior surface will run better than any synthetic in the market. It won't melt your fuser; toner fully adheres to the sheet with no wipe-off and will never contaminate your machine