eLe Laser Polyester Plates MXPDS

by 4S Graphics



  • Coating on both sides to facilitate imaging and printing on either side.!
  • Inventive surface coating to give long run length upto 5,000 impressions on each side of the plate
  • Innovative anti-grease layer safeguards the surface from finger prints or marks.!
  • The plate DOES NOT require baking or cleaning.!
  • Universally compatible with most of the Laser Printer and Laser Plotters.

Product Brief

Double Sided Polyester Laser Plates, designed for minimum of 5,000 impressions per side.

eLe Laser Plates - MXP are manufactured in the world’s most advanced eco friendly manufacturing plants for 4S Graphics. The Laser plates are much cleaner and produce crisp superior images. These Laser Plates have a soft off white texture and have a least toner scatter. It can be imaged directly through a laser plotter or laser printer and does not require any exposing, processing or fusing. Just image the plate mount on the press and print.


  • BASE: Dimensionally Stable Polyester
  • SURFACE: Matt Coated on both Sides!
  • THICKNESS: 103 microns ( 4 mil )
  • !IMPRESSIONS: 5,000 impression or more (under recommended conditions)