Fount iT – Low Foaming fountain solution

Fount iT – Low Foaming fountain solution

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  • Free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Contains ‘Total Calcium Control’ technology, which gives complete calcium control at all levels of water hardness. Ensures complete removal of calcium deposits from rollers and blankets.
  • Ultra-low foaming formulation that removes problems associated with previous generations of strongly wetting fountain solutions.
  • Compatible with all water types, whether RO, soft, hard or deionised.
  • Designed to keep the water on press within the ideal pH range. pH may vary slightly with different water qualities but within the ideal range for modern lithography.
  • Fast clean-up and roll-up even at high ambient temperatures. Plates will remain open on press during press stoppages even at high ambient temperatures.
  • Gives ultra-fast clean-up and rapid attainment of ink/water balance.
  • Runs at low water settings with a wide latitude, making it easy to set-up and easy to adjust for optimum performance with different inks, papers and dampening systems.
  • Reduces paper wastage.
  • Biocidal system designed to counter bacterial bio-film. Formadehyde-free

Product Brief

Fount iT is a range of premium alcohol-reducing fountain solutions for sheetfed presses.

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