FLOORStick with removable adhesive (in Sheets)

by 4S Graphics


Graffiti FLoorStick is Certified by ANSI 326.3 with DCoF Rating of 0.59, which is best in class Anti-Slip ratings.

GRAFFITI FLOORStick is a Self-Adhesive substrate with Removable Adhesive liner is designed to print with all Liquid Toner & Dry Toner Presses and is available in Sheets. 

Ideal for producing Floor Graphics with your Dry Toner Digital Presses.  


  • Anti-Slip Surface - ANSI 326.3 Certified for DCoF Rating of 0.59
  • Durable Surface - Waterproof, Tear resistant & Spill Proof Surface.
  • Alcohol Resistant - clean with Alcohol in case sanitization is required. 
  • No Lamination Required - Print with your Digital press - Cut and Supply. 
  • Reduced production time - Digital Press can allow faster production in comparison to Inkjet process.

Product Specs

  • Base: Polyester Film - 3.2 mil (80 microns)
  • Release Liner: 140 gsm
  • Total Thickness: 5 mil (125 microns)
  • Surface Finish: White Matte
  • Adhesive: Solvent Polyacrylic adhesive (easy to remove)

Feature & Benefits

  • Weather Proof: withstands rain, heat, & temperature.
  • Tear Resistant: Unlike polypropylene, PET does not tear when force is applied
  • Durable: Tear-Resistant, Stain Resistant & Sweat Resistant.
  • High Heat Resistance: Base Polyester can take up a 425° F melting point. This allows for use in a wide range of laser printers and extreme weather applications.
  • High Definition Image Quality: Bright sheets allow high image quality of the finished print job.


  • Liquid Toner Digital presses
  • Dry Toner Digital Presses.
  • Inkjet LED - UV presses.