Graffiti Polyester Paper - Swatch Book - 8"X5"

by 4S Graphics




All polyester-based substrate collection specifically designed for all modern digital press weather Liquid toner or Dry toner. These exclusively polyester based substrates are designed to print on all digital presses and applications where the print is required to be Waterproof, Tear Resistant & Durable.

Graffiti range is made of pure extruded polyester and is the only product with high heat resistance and rigidity for specific applications. With a range of variables like OPAQUE, METALLICS, BACKLIT, FABRIC, FROSTED & CLEAR coatings we offer you the best that polyester substrate has to offer.

Also, these substrates are designed to print with all Dry Toner Printers like Xerox, Ricoh, Konica or Canon and HP Indigo. 

This sample kit container sample of size 8" x 5.5" (203mm x 140mm) of the following products:

  1. Graffiti Scuff Free Polyester Paper - 5mil (125 mic)
  2. Graffiti Scuff Free Polyester Paper - 8mil (200 mic)
  3. Graffiti Scuff Free Polyester Paper - 11mil (275 mic)
  4. Graffiti White Matte Polyester Paper - 8mil (200 mic)
  5. Graffiti White Matte Polyester Paper - 11mil (275 mic)
  6. Graffiti White Matte Polyester Paper - 14mil (350 mic)
  7. Graffiti White Matte Polyester Paper - 8mil (200 mic)
  8. Graffiti Metallic Polyester - GOLD finish - 5 mil 
  9. Graffiti Metallic Polyester - SILVER finish - 5 mil 
  10. Graffiti Backlit Film - 8 mil 
  11. Graffiti Self Adhesive Vinyl - 4 mil 
  12. Graffiti Digital Fabric Canvas - 170 gsm
  13. Graffiti Frosted Film - 4 mil & 11 mil 
  14. Graffiti Clear Film - 4 mil & 11 mil 
  15. Graffiti Cling Film - 4 mil

If you need 12" x 18" (305 x 457mm) Size samples for print test please call our office and speak to Sales Associate to arrange. Phone (954) 493.6484