Graffiti Self Adhesive Vinyl

Graffiti Self Adhesive Vinyl

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  • Vinyl Film base provides tear resistance and long term durability.
  •  Vinyl base provides superior water resistance & excellent weather ability.
  •  Vinyl base provides excellent pasting properties on curved surfaces like bottles.
  •  Excellent Anti-Static properties for dust free outputs and hassle-free printing.
  •  Outstanding toner adhesion for sharp & high-def image quality.

    Product Brief

    GRAFFITI SELF ADHESIVE VINYL is a Self Adhesive Vinyl designed for the Dry Toner Presses.This is a 5 mil (125 microns) PVC based Vinyl with a 2 mil (50 microns) P.E.T Liner. This one side printable Vinyl is coated with a Solvent based permanent acrylic adhesive allowing it to adhere to any kind of substrate


    Product Specs

    • Base: P.V.C Film
    •  Total Thickness: 5 mil (175 microns)
    •  Surface Finish: White Matte
    •  Adhesive: Solvent based permanent acrylic adhesive (easy remove)

    Feature & Benefits

    • Weather Proof: withstands rain, heat, & temperature.
    • Tear Resistant: Unlike polypropelene, PET does not tear when force is applied
    • Durable: Tear Resistant, Stain Resistant & Sweat Resistant.
    • High Heat Resistance: Base Polyester can take up 475° F melting point. This allows for use in wide range of laser printers and extreme weather applications.
    • High Definition Image Quality: Bright sheets allow high image quality of finished print job.


    •  HP: Indigo 3500, Indigo 5500, Indigo 5600, Indigo 7500 & Indigo 7600
    •  KONICA MINOLTA: C6000, C8000, C70HC, BizHub Pro C6501, BizHub Pro C6500
    •  CANON: C6000 AP , C 7000 AP
    •  MGI: MGI Meteor DP8700XL, Meteor DP60 Pro
    •  RICOH: ProC751

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