PERMStick with Permanent Adhesive (in Sheets)

by 4S Graphics


GRAFFITI PERMStick is a Self Adhesive Vinyl designed for printing with  Dry Toner Presses.

Its a 3 mil PET Film coated with hot melt adhesive on the back with a Paper Liner of 130 gsm thickness.

The top coating on the Polyester allows it for easy printing with any Dry Toner Press (Digital Toner Press) and offers Vivid Color Reproductions.

Ideal for producing  Beverage Bottle Labels, Warehouse Decals, or and decals stickers for any kind of surface with your Dry Toner Digital Presses.  



    • Polyester Film base provides tear resistance and long term durability.
    • Polyester Film base provides superior water resistance & excellent weather ability.
    • Polyester Film base provides excellent pasting properties on curved surfaces like bottles.
    • Excellent Anti-Static properties for dust-free outputs and hassle-free printing.
    • Outstanding toner adhesion for sharp & high-def vivid image quality.

Product Specs

  • Base: Polyester Film - 3.5 mil (95 microns)
  • Release Liner: 140 gsm
  • Total Thickness: 5 mils (125 microns)
  • Surface Finish: White Matte
  • Adhesive: Hot Melt Adhesive (permanent type)
  • Max Temperature: 400 F
  • Min Temperature: 10F

Feature & Benefits

  • Weather Proof: withstands rain, heat, & temperature.
  • Tear Resistant: Unlike polypropylene, PET does not tear when force is applied
  • Durable: Tear-Resistant, Stain Resistant & Sweat Resistant.
  • High Heat Resistance: Base Polyester can take up a 425° F melting point. This allows for use in a wide range of laser printers and extreme weather applications.
  • High Definition Image Quality: Bright sheets allow high image quality of the finished print job.


  • Liquid Electro Static Presses
  • Dry Toner Digital Presses
  • Inkjet UV-LED Presses
  • Any Home Based Laser Printers (must use Toner cartridges)