Solvit (Tex) – Wall Decal Vinyls

by 4S Graphics



  • High Gloss or Matte PVC base makes this film excellent for signage
  • High ink limit ensures vibrant color gamut and vivid displays
  • Natural whiteness for high color contrast
  • Good sheet stability & lay flatness for ease of conversion and application
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates for wide range of applications
  • Siliconized double sided PE coated paper liner for excellent flatness or 100% P.E.T. liner


SolviT PVC Self Adhesive Vinyl's are a soft monomeric self-adhesive calendared vinyl with natural white hue. It is recommended for eco-solvent and solvent inkjet printing for outdoor & indoor applications such as posters, stickers & short-term advertising. This film offers superior flatness due to its double side coated PE paper liner or 100% P.E.T. liner; hence it can be used with HP 1st gen Latex printers as well.


  • Base: Soft monomeric calendared PVC Film
  • Base Thickness: 100 microns (± 5 micron)
  • Finished product weight: 290 ± 20 gsm
  • Surface Finish: Gloss or Matte
  • Adhesive: Permanent Clear solvent acrylic adhesive
  • Release Liner: 140 gsm single side PE coated siliconized paper liner or 100% P.E.T. liner
  • Initial Adhesion: 9-12 N / inch
  • Ink Compatibility: Eco-solvent & Solvent inks
  • Ink Limit: Around 350% with original inks
  • Weathering: Two Years to Two and Half Year