A good stencil starts with good artwork and a high quality positive. Using the right film can mean the difference between a great screen and one that is sub-par. 

Our premium, waterproof inkjet films produce high-quality photo positives and photo negatives. These inkjet films have a microporous waterproof coating that helps them receive dye-based or pigment-based ink and dry instantaneously. This means there is little to no waiting for positives to dry, and no fear of smearing or marring the image during handling.

Similarly, our Laser Films can produce high quality dense positives with your Laser Printers. We have these laser films specially coated with Anti Static coating to avoid films sticking to each other while sitting in your printer tray. We also have Laser film in FROSTED (Vellum) Finish and CLEAR (Crystal Clear) Finish to give you high quality positives with any laser printers or copiers.